What are Microgreens, anywho?  Simply put, microgreens are any vegetable that is harvested as soon as the shoot has it’s first set of leaves.  One of the reasons microgreens are considered SUPERFOOD is due to the incredible density of nutrients they pack in each bite.  When harvested at this early stage, microgreen have the highest level of nutritional content the plant will ever have in it’s lifecycle, if allowed to grow to maturity…  Up to 40 times more nutrient dense than the same plant full grown!

The best thing about microgreens is the amazing flavor, color, textures and general appeal they add to so many varieties of foods.  Great as a garnish on soups, sushi, sandwiches and main dishes.  Add a potent punch of power to your next smoothie.  Or, just use them to take your basic salad to the next level.  Any way you choose, you can’t go wrong with local veganic microgreens as part of your everyday diet.